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Ferraro Ginevra Gualtieri – Studio Internazionale

International Law and Tax Firm

We are a professional partnership of lawyers, chartered accountants, tax advisors, and auditors.

We’ve been offering assistance to our clients in all the tax, fiscal and accounting fields since 1968.

Our team is multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-jurisdiction.

Our firm has offices in Milan and Rome. Thanks to a global and international approach, we can offer a modern vision, constantly up-to-date, in order to meet any possible existing or upcoming clients’ need.


Our clients

Our clients are individuals, companies and institutions: for them we solve issues and prepare operative strategies.

We stay by the side of small, medium and big companies, domestic and multinationals: for them we deal with and manage every legal, tax, and accounting matter. Directors and managers, as well as majority and minority shareholders find in us a global method and a perfect advisory service.

Our method

For over 50 years we’ve been looking at every client as a unique and peculiar reality: with each one we establish a one-to-one relation. We work close to our clients, willing to analyze their activities, production processes and organizational procedures.

We are a boutique in fiscal, legal and accounting matters. We can find the right answer for every client.

Our activity

Our firm goal is to give our clients the chance to be supported by prepared, organized and careful advisors; we want to give our clients the best suitable advice when they need to make fiscal, legal or accounting choices, in addition to informing them about all the opportunities available and about the outcomes of every initiative. So that every decision can be the most effective one.

We solve situations in matters of tax and accounting issues and represent clients in legal matters and controversies (domestic and international).

Plus, we stay by their side in all the strategic steps of companies’ life:

- establishment (we identify the most suitable entrepreneurial business structure);

- management (we supervise activities in order to ensure/maintain their legal/tax efficiency and advise on more effective solutions);

- assistance in corporate law, commercial law, tax law, contract law, civil law.

MSI Global Alliance


Our nature is international. Our firm is member of MSI Global Alliance network.

fgg msi

For 25 years, MSI Global Alliance has been a professional association counting more than 250 independent law firms and accounting firms in more than 100 countries.

In the current global system, so highly fluid and interconnected, it is vital to have the right advisors, able to deal with the business dynamics in international and intercontinental environments.

Being part of MSI Global Alliance each member can offer a very detailed service in all the areas of financial, tax, legal, international advisory, including off-shore services.



We are multidisciplinary professionals.

In these years, we operated in several strategic business fields: energy, waste management, automotive, plastic, trade and retail, real estate. We achieved high-level skills in the certification branch.

We offer to our clients a widespread assistance in administrative management and strategic planning, in every single phase they are going through.

Ferraro Ginevra Gualtieri - Studio Internazionale gives an all-round  service: the best solutions and the most effective strategies to reach the goals at the very best conditions.

  • Domestic and International Tax Planning
  • Civil litigation,
  • international and domestic arbitration
  • Tax litigation
  • M&A transactions
  • Corporate and commercial law
  • Contracts
  • Tax and financial accounts, domestic and international
  • Labour law
  • Waste management law
  • International Payroll System

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