We are a multidisciplinary firm.

We operate in various strategic economic sectors: Energy, Waste Management, Automotive, Plastic, Trade and Distribution, Real Estate.

We also have significant expertise in the complex business of certifications (of products and manufacturing processes).
We offer our clients a widespread assistance in every phase of their business: from the choice of proper management of their business to the strategic planning of expansion and growth.
Ferraro Ginevra Gualtieri - Studio Internazionale provides its clients with a complete service: the best solutions and the most functional strategies in order to make them effectively achieve their goals.

We can offer qualified assistance and protection in the following areas:

  • National and international tax planning

    • We plan and optimize your tax regime, taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the legislator. Moreover, in case of multinational companies, it is possible to obtain fair and adequate national and international tax allowances/regimes: it is important to obtain a diversified taxation, avoiding situation where there is the risk of a double tax impact. The principles of our services are: simplification, clear taxation and cost optimization.
  • Civil litigation

    • We assist companies and natural persons in any commercial / corporate / labor law, national and international disputes. We work by our clients’ side in every phase of the dispute they are involved in, from the preliminary phases (pre-litigation) to the litigation case itself, and assisting them also in the possible enforcement phase. During litigation it is crucial to choose the right strategy and not to "fight" blind: this is the only possible way to obtain the maximum result while preserving the correct cost / revenue balance.
  • National and international arbitration

    • We defend our clients in national and international disputes and arbitrations, also acting as arbitrators. Experienced professionals, with multilingual skills and a thorough knowledge of Italian and foreign jurisprudence are the right solution to get quick results at fair cost.
  • Tax litigation

    • We assist our clients in tax disputes concerning tax assessments / notifications from the Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate): we attend hearings and timely handle preparation of all procedural petitions/memorials from the first step of the case until its conclusion. We want our clients to be sure they are paying the amounts effectively due, limiting charges and ensuring satisfactory results.
  • Mergers, acquisitions, extraordinary business operations

    • The life of a company is full of extraordinary events, such as mergers with other companies, acquisitions (as purchaser or target), changes to its structure or legal form, transfers of ownership / control, transfers / purchases of the shares / going concern, splits, liquidations. We guide our clients through these and other occurrences, guaranteeing protection, professionality and results.
  • Commercial and corporate law

    • We protect the interests of our clients through commercial agreements and contracts of various degree of complexity, in Italian and in other languages. We take care, among other issues, of: joint ventures; purchase and sale of shareholdings; shareholders' agreements; sale/lease of going-concern; purchase and sale contracts; lease contracts; leasing and franchising contracts. We provide advice in corporate governance matters, also in international contexts.
  • Contract law

    • We assist our clients in the drafting of all kind of business contracts, in compliance with the national and international trade regulations. We protect our clients’ rights with clear and precise clauses, as a result of an in-depth study of the jurisprudence, in order to safeguard the interests of our principals.
  • Balance sheet company

    • We draft financial statements for corporations, in compliance with legal obligations, according to national and international accounting principles.
  • Labor law

    • We provide judicial and extra-judicial assistance and representation in the area of employment law. We represent top managers in the negotiation of their employment contracts, as well as in occasion of the resolution of their working relationship. Employers hire us to implement a safe and correct contractual structure in their hiring processes, and to assist them in any dispute with their employees before any Court.
  • International Payroll System

    • For national and international companies we provide payroll and employees administration services with special attention to non-resident companies that want to hire employees in Italy. We pay particular attention to the legislation of impatriates. We manage the entire HR process such as contracts, payroll management and benefits calculation; budgeting and personnel costs processing and management of employees from foreign companies in Italy; transmission of documents processed in digital form; calculation of taxes, social security contributions and other charges; periodic updates on the main deadlines related to payroll; contribution representation; timely technical assistance to your Personnel Department; communications and practices with social security institutions such as INPS, INAIL, supplementary social security institutions, Ministry of Labour and Employment Centres;


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