We are Professionals

We are a professional association of Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Tax Advisors and Auditors.

Since 1968 we have been offering our clients assistance in all fields of tax, legal and accounting advisory: we provide management and business organization consulting, we study and analyze tax and legal operational strategies, we assist our clients in their whole business.

We are international

Our team is composed of about twenty people: multidisciplinary, multicultural, multilingual and multi-jurisdictional.
Our approach is international and global and, accordingly, our vision is contemporary and always focused on our clients’ actual and possible needs.
Our offices are in Milan and in Rome. We are partners in MSI Global Alliance network, an international association that brings together over 250 selected independent professional firms in more than 100 countries. We are international. And intercontinental.

We are Comprehensive

Our customers are natural persons, companies and organizations. We care about their interests: we solve their problems, we help them to structure operational strategies, we effectively manage legal issues.
We support small, medium and large enterprises, including multinational corporations: we deal with and manage all the tax, legal and accounting situations that may occur, in every stage of their evolution history, helping them build it.
Their majority and minority shareholders trust us as well, because we guarantee a global approach and thorough advice.

We are a boutique

Since more than 50 years we consider each client as a unique person to establish a One-to-One relationship with. We work in close contact with our clients, in order to understand all the activities, production processes and organizational methods.

We are a tax, legal and accounting boutique. We find the right solution for every client.

We are efficient

Our clients can rely on prepared and accurate advisors working by their side, focusing and counselling on tax, legal and accounting choices, explaining them all the opportunities, possibilities and consequences of each initiative. Because every decision has to be the most efficient one.

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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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